Darfur Diaspora Meet ICC Officials

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Darfur Diaspora Meet ICC Officials

Darfur Diaspora Meet ICC Officials 

The Darfur Association of the U.K. held meetings with officials at the International Criminal Court in The Hague on Monday August 21st. The delegation raised atrocities perpetrated by the Janjaweed, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and its affiliates across Darfur and Khartoum. The delegation was assured by the ICC that the prosecutor will investigate crimes committed in West Darfur since the conflict intensified on April 15th 2023. 

Speaking after meeting Abdallah Idriss, the head of the delegation said:

“The commitment given to the delegation by officials demonstrates the ICC’s dedication to upholding justice and accountability. We stand ready to help in any way we can. Millions of civilians in Darfur deserve justice for the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated with impunity by the Janjaweed and the RSF.” 

The Prosecutor has accepted the invitation of the Darfur Association to visit the U.K. in order to collaborate with diaspora networks and NGOs. This partnership will play a pivotal role in channeling testimony, information, expertise, and resources towards the pursuit of justice in Darfur.

Matters raised with ICC officials include the significant barriers to accountability for crimes being committed in Darfur where numbers of civilians have been killed by the RSF and its proxies, and hundred of thousands have fled attacks. 

The delegation also raised the ongoing Ali Kushayb case with prosecutors. 

The Darfur Association in the United Kingdom is dedicated to seeking justice and accountability for the victims of the Darfur atrocities. Through advocacy, collaboration, and community engagement, the association aims to bring perpetrators to justice and ensure a brighter future for the people of Darfur.

Available for interview in English and Arabic: 

Abdallah Idriss

Head of the visiting delegation

Email: abugerda@hotmail.com


1-Tajeldeen Ismail – General secretary of Fur community

2- Kamal Yahya- General Secretary of Massalit community association

3-Abdallah Idriss – General Secretary of Zaghawa community association

4- Nagmelden Osman- chair of Borgo community association

5- Al Hady Ibrahim Ali- general secretary of Alarenga community

6- Abdulsalam Abdullah- media secretary of Tonjor community association

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