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The Zaghawa Community Association UK represents Zaghawa people living in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. We are a registered charity and regulated by the Charity Commission Act (1993) in the United Kingdom.

Our objective is to help members of the Zaghawa community living here by offering them practical assistance to relieve them of poverty and sickness and also by providing and assisting in the provision of recreation and leisure-time activities in the interest of social welfare and in order to improve their quality of life.

We also assist Zaghawa asylum seekers and refugees, who are residents or who are intending to live in the UK by providing free and confidential advice, assistance and representation, counseling, translation and interpretation services, debt welfare, benefit assistance, housing, social security, education, training and employment.

Living as zaghawa in UK is very difficult and a life changing experience may find it difficult to integrate into another culture and get used to it. And many find it difficult at first to communicate with others due to difficulties with language. And other problems like commendations, Education, jobs.

We plan to be an advocate of information and sources of help to zaghawa people across UK.  we will be tackling different issues Zaghawa people face on a daily basis . There are many issues that effect Zaghawa in UK individuals and families. The main areas of these issues we will be looking into in great depth area:

  • language
  • culture
  • job
  • refugee and asylum problems
  • Accommodation
  • Integrating problems
  • Bringing up children

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