Zaghawa Association in the United Kingdom and North Ireland A statement on forced displacement and settlement of new Arab arrivals in Zurk

The Zaghawa Community Association in the United Kingdom has been following with a great concern the recent developments in the Darfur region regarding the Khartoum regime’s policy of forcible displacement of black indigenous people of Darfur and settling new arrivals (consist of Arab militia brought by Sudanese regime from neighboring countries) in their villages under the pretext of peace and development in Darfur. This plan is taking place by a strong support from president Al-Bashir and some Arab countries funding the construction of homes for the new settlers.
Recently the Janjaweed militia leaders, led by the Janjaweed commander, Mohamed Hamdan Dogola – Hamidti – ( Lieutenant General in the Rapid Support Forces – RSF) along with his brother, who is also his deputy and his key supporter (Major General in RSF) and Abdul Rahim Hamdan Dogola and their uncle Brigadier General – RSF Juma Dogola, have been recruiting members of their families, Arab tribes and clans of Arab nomads from Sudan, Chad, Central republic of Africa, Mali ,Nieger ,and settling them in Zurog area, part of Zaghawa Land, which is under the native administration of Zaghawa tuair.

The Janjaweed commander Hamidti has appointed his uncle Jum’a Dogola as the tribal leader( Omdah)  of the new settlers in Zurog area, despite all the norms of the native administration that governs the land in accordance with the traditions of Darfur.

According to recent televised statements and other statements made by Hamidti in an interview with (Estrahat Al- Badou – an Online News Blog) Hamidti confirmed he received financial support from some of the Arab Gulf countries to build a model villages for his family and the new settlers in Zurog area with support of President Omar Al-Bashir.

In light of this irresponsible act by Sudan Government , the eight native administration leaders of Zaghawa tribe, the owner of the land (Hakoura), submitted a memorandum to the former governor of North Darfur State, Abdul Wahed Yousif, on 16/8/2017, protesting against the forcible occupation of their historical land. Unfortunately, they did not received any kind of response, instead the government continued in a conspiracy with the Dogola’s family to confiscate the land of Zaghawa people using armed force, in a clear violation of the customs and traditions that govern the peaceful social coexistence in Darfur. In accordance with the traditions of land governing in Darfur, prior consent and authorization of native local administration is required before privatization of any part of land of any Hakoura concerned for the use of a tribal group or individuals or the state itself.

In his last visit to Zurog on 28 August 2018, the current governor of North Darfur State, Sherif Abbad, accompanied by his Security Committee, he officially announced that, Zurog is the capital of the nomadic Arabs in Sudan under the native administration of Jum’a Dogola with a full protection from the government. Then, the Dogola’s family took the advantage of this opportunity and announced that whole of Dar Zaghawa is belong to Arabs. 

The Zaghawa Association in UK condemns this deliberate violation which fully supported by top Sudanese government officials. We would like to send a very important and urgent message to the Sudanese people, the regional and international communities, what is going on in Zurog is a forcible occupation from Janjaweed militia and supported by the Sudan government in a contiuation of their ethnic cleansing plan in Darfur which aims for forcible displacement of indegionous people of darfur, and settling of other Arab tribes, brought by the Sudanese govorment from other African countries.

Zaghawa people will not remain constrained and they will protect their land by all peaceful posible means available for them. However, puting civilians against armed miltias like RSF would create turmoil ,distruction and displacement of entire population in the region.

We urgently call on the Sudanese government, leaders of Maharia clan of Rizeigat tribe and other tribes involved in this serious crime to refrine immediately from proceeding in this dangerous path and they will fully bear the responsibility of any consequences that might occur in the near future.

The Zaghawa Association in UK also calls on the International Criminal Court ICC, the UN Security Council UNSC, the African Union’s Peace and Security Council and all human rights organizations and bodies representing the international and regional communities to take urgent actions to stop the forcible occupation of Zurog and refer it to the ICC as part of the exsisting Darfur case. 

Given the urgency of the situation in Zurog, the Zaghawa Association in UK is going to hand over formal letters to the concerned parties.

Also our urgent call goes to the other Arab tribes not involved in this situation to exert maximum efforts for fighting such criminal plans that aiming at disintegrating the social fabric of Darfur. We also call on whole the Arab community in Darfur to deprive the conspirators of any opportunity that causes disintegration of Darfur and its communities.

September 24, 2018
General Secretary office 

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