ABC Zaghawa language:

Language Zaghawa 24 symbols and these letters are called (groin), because taken from the tattoo Ebel Zaghawa and the names of these characters are (boarding, Bzqan, Shipp, Derbaa, Abe Fatyqo, Qguaj, Ordebo, Aaj, Didjaj, Kobo, Loco, Merih, Nye Nye, Bouet, Oi, ARIPO, confidential, Teti Suai, Yu, Wei Se, Guenaa, er, Anagaa) .vhrov language of Zaghawa in the table below starting from the left of the No. 065 and ends at No. 090, a 24-character find these letters site Seale International Zaghawa Beria font using ANSI program

And to learn the language of Zaghawa afdul4u.com you can visit the site or visit the International Organization torrent site or type the first or second lesson … in the language of the Zaghawa in Google where you find lots of unpublished language Zaghawa sound and image of professional teachers.


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